Drug Lab Remediation

Meth Laboratory Cleanup Strickly Bizzness, LLC Biohazard Division also specializes in nationwide meth lab cleanup and drug house decontamination services. Our team of meth cleanup specialists have the certifications necessary to complete successful remediation services throughout the entire USA, including New York and New Jersey. Each state has specific laws as to what is or is not required and regulated when completing a drug decontamination service and our cleanup specialists are familiar with and have performed many remediation services that have successfully restored homes, commercial properties and any other area one might find was previously used to manufacture methamphetamine.

 Locations that were previously used as meth labs must be remediated by certified professionals, it is the only way to guarantee that safety is restored..
Methamphetamine Lab Remediation
There’s a variety of people who find themselves in need of certified methamphetamine laboratory cleanup services, from homeowners to business owners, realtors to landlords…regardless of who you are or what you do, there is a possibility that you could find yourself in need of our help. No one wakes up and says “I want to buy a house that was used to cook meth” or “I think it’s smart to rent out my property to a methamphetamine addict”. Like many things, hindsight is 20/20. If you do ever find yourself in need of our services, just know we are here for you and can restore your property’s safety, even to a level above specific state regulations.

Meth Lab Decontamination Services

We have all seen the faces of meth; they are gruesome, disturbing images of what Methamphetamine does to those who are addicted. Unfortunately, meth doesn’t just affect the addict. It affects everyone close to them and, when in the business of manufacturing meth, it can harm the life of complete strangers… The dangers of meth are present long after the meth lab ceases production. The toxic fumes of meth consume and contaminate the entire location, and require professional decontamination services. The results of long-term exposure in locations that have been used to cook meth have been known to kill beloved animals and have devastating effects on people, both young and old.

Health Dangers of Methamphetamine Drug Labs:

  • Respiratory Problems
  • Chemical Poisoning
  • Skin Irritations
  • Excessive Migraines
  • Increased Risk of Explosions and Fires
  • Can Result in Death

Meth Lab Testing

Testing must first be completed, to determine if there is a presence of the toxic methamphetamine residue and the level of contamination throughout the entire property. From there the results are documented and the level confirmed relates to the intensity of the meth remediation process going forward. Sometimes there are visible signs alerting the parties responsible, such as burns, stains and noticeable odors. Other times there is nothing noticeable, maybe just some documentation or odd health concerns that have triggered an alert about the condition of the environment you spend much of your time in. Just because you can’t see or smell the dangers, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there… Protect what you value most, your family, your friends, your pets and your health and contact Crime Scene Cleanup for successful property remediation for anyplace that has experienced contact with meth manufacturing.

Nationwide Meth Lab Cleanup Services

It is understandable the fear you feel for your family and your personal health. To add to it, although you are not personally responsible for the situation you are in, it can be somewhat uncomfortable. We understand that, which is why don’t announce ourselves as the ‘Meth Lab Cleaning Squad’ or attract attention our way. Instead, we do what we can to keep your business private. The neighborhood doesn’t have to know what you’re going through and if they do, it should be because you told them. Not because someone else did.

For long-term environmental restoration for meth laboratories, drug houses and any other property within the USA that has been contaminated by toxic residue contact Crime Scene Cleanup at 410-417-8830, 24/7/365.