Store your files. Access them anywhere

Zoho Docs gets you started with 5 GB for free to store and retrieve all your files. Sync files and folders on your desktop and work in them from any device.

Zoho Docs for your desktop

Store and manage documents.

Forget the hassle of having to carry a thumb drive wherever you go. Store them in cloud, so you have access to them

Get organized.

Searching for documents shouldn't have to be like scavenging through a pile of paper. The multi-level folder structure lets you organize your files and quickly locate the important ones.

Stay in sync.

PC, Mac, or tablet - the device doesn't matter. You can sync your files across devices and access the latest version of the document.

Keep your files in sync, backed up, and available wherever you are. Zoho Docs for Desktop lets you sync files from your Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu Linux computers with complete security.

File Syncing

Syncing files between Zoho Docs and your desktop is fast and convenient. Simply drag and drop files into the Zoho Docs folder on your desktop; it automatically syncs online and to any other computer linked to your account.