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Plans are not currently available in Alaska, Missouri and Washington

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We solve problems that a breakdown causes for our customers and their community in a simple, friendly, and cost-effective way. We do this by leading our customers, vendors, and employees with care and service


The smarter approach to repair coverage that is transparent and fair. We take care of the car and driver, before, during, and after a breakdown.

What Is a Vehicle Service Plan?

A Vehicle Service Plan is a policy that covers a vehicle against mechanical failures and breakdowns. This can also be known as a Vehicle Service Agreement, Extended Warranty, or Mechanical Breakdown Insurance.

Why Do Clients Need a Vehicle Service Plan?

Since common mechanical repairs can add up to several thousands of dollars over time, protecting your vehicle is a very sound investment. Whether you own a new or older vehicle, a VSC will give you protection and peace of mind when it comes to managing the inevitable repair cost.   

How It Works 

When your vehicle breaks down or is in need of a repair, it can be driven or towed to any licensed repair facility in the US. You then present your Service Plan to the service department and they take care of the rest. The repair facility diagnoses the problem with the vehicle, and then contacts the claims department for authorization on the repair. The claims are paid directly to the repair facility with a corporate credit card before the repair has been started. The repair facility then works on the vehicle and notifies you when they complete the job. You will then pick up your vehicle and pay your deductible, if applicable. During the repair, you are provided car rental reimbursement. Discounts for hotels are also provided, if the breakdown occurs more than 100 miles from home.

Types of Auto Coverages

Exclusionary: Covers nearly all of the mechanical systems of the vehicle, except for those items on the “exclusions list” (wear and tear). 

Listed Component Coverage: Covers the major mechanical systems of the vehicle. It is a list that states which individual items in the vehicle are covered. If it is not listed, then it is not covered.

Toco Contract Benefits

No Down Payment 

  • You don't need to make a big up-front investment to start your coverage. Waiting period applies. 

Affordable Monthly Payments 

  • Being vertically integrated means, we can offer a great product at an affordable price. 

Pay As You Go 

  • Unlike with other sellers, you don't have to pay up front for years of coverage. Cancel at any time; cancellation fee may apply. 

Simple Claims Process 

  • When a covered breakdown occurs, the plan administrator will take care of the payment and paperwork, so you don't have to. Nationwide Repair Facilities Repairs can be done by any licensed repair facility you want.

Nationwide Repair Facilities         

  • Repairs can be done by any licensed repair facility you want.
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24 Hour Roadside Assistance

 If your car breaks down, our roadside assistance provider is there to help.

  • Jump start your car if your battery dies
  • Change a tire if you have a flat 
  • Deliver fuel if you run out of gas (customer pays for the gas) 
  • Locksmith if you lose your keys or lock them in the car 
  • Tow your car up to 15 miles if it isn’t functioning

Trip Interruption Coverage 

Car trouble when you’re away from home can be a big, expensive hassle – especially if you have to leave your car in the shop overnight. If you have a covered breakdown more than 100 miles from home, the plan can help with: 

  • Restaurant reimbursement
  • Hotel reimbursement if your car can’t be fixed in a day 
  • Up to $100 a day (meals and lodging combined) 
  • Up to 3 days total ($300 total per breakdown) No deductible just send in your receipts. 

Rental Car Benefits 

Whether you’re near home or on the road, a breakdown can make life tough. If your car is in the shop for a covered breakdown, the plan will help you pay for a rental car of other public transportation alternative. 

  • $35 for every four labor hours 
  • Up to $175 per repair visit 
  • No deductibles 

Because you still need to get where you’re going

Toco Plan and Benefit Providers

Licensed/Preferred Repair Facilities

Repair Facilities: Repairs can be performed at any licensed facility nationwide 

Preferred Repair Facility – A Repair Facility that has been selected and assigned by the Administrator to provide quality service to the customer (AAMCO and Pep Boys not available in all areas). 

For Orange Vehicle Plans, Your Deductible will be waived for repairs made at a Preferred Repair Facility.


For Yellow, Green, and Blue Vehicle Plans, fifty dollars ($50) of Your Deductible will be waived for repairs made at a Preferred Repair Facility. You may contact the Administrator for help in locating a Preferred Repair Facility


AAMCO is one of the most forward-looking brands in the $67 billion auto repair industry. Widely known as the worldwide leader in transmission repair, AAMCO is leveraging technology, ongoing training and education, and overwhelming brand recognition to dominate the future of automotive repair. The industry shift toward technologically enhanced vehicles already is here, as is the emergence of hybrid and electric vehicles, and AAMCO is the only brand capable of winning a sizable share of the complex car repair business that the cars of today and tomorrow will generate. 

While AAMCO is investing significantly to prepare for the future, it also is investing significantly today to make our top rated, time-tested business model easier to own and more profitable than ever. And it’s working, because our existing franchise owners are reinvesting in AAMCO in record numbers — opening their second, third or fourth centers. The industry agrees: In 2018, Entrepreneur magazine named AAMCO as the top franchise opportunity in our category for the third consecutive year. 

As part of the Icahn Automotive Group, one of the largest franchisors in the auto repair industry with four brands and more than 2,000 locations across the country, AAMCO franchise owners reap enormous benefits. Brands in the network, such as Pep Boys and Precision Auto Tuning, specialize in different aspects of auto care, and therefore are able to refer complex car repair work to AAMCO franchise owners. Icahn Automotive Group also has tremendous buying power, which helps to keep inventory costs low for AAMCO franchise owners on an ongoing basis.

Pep Boys

Since 2009, Pep Boys has focused on the development of service and tire centers within its existing markets as its primary growth strategy. Today the company operates more than 7,400 service bays in nearly 800 stores nationwide. At the same time, in some of its traditional supercenters, the company has expanded to include “Speed Shops” within its retail stores, which cater to the growing number of car enthusiasts who have fun working on performance cars, like hot rods, “muscle cars” and off-road trucks. 

In 2012, Pep Boys created a new service and retail customer experience, which it refers to as “The Road Ahead.” Similar to the experience found at some high-end car dealerships, new Pep Boys stores feature customer lounges with amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi and flat screen TVs near its full-service maintenance and repair shops, as well as the most diverse retail product assortment in the automotive aftermarket. With almost 20,000 friendly and knowledgeable associates living the legacy of Manny, Moe & Jack, Pep Boys’ vision is to be the best place to shop and care for your car. Since a 2016 acquisition, Pep Boys is owned by Icahn Automotive Group LLC, which was formed by its parent, Icahn Enterprises L.P., to invest in and operate businesses involved in aftermarket parts distribution and service


AmTrust began in 1998 with a commitment to innovation in small business insurance. Since, we’ve grown into a global property and casualty provider with a broad product offering. Our company has grown, but our commitment to innovation and service remain the same. 

With over 7,000 employees serving 70 countries, we have become a top U.S. commercial insurer and a leading global provider of warranty products and specialty risk. But we believe as you get bigger, you also have to get better. Our investments in people and proprietary technology allow us to offer our customers the most innovative insurance products to meet their needs today and anticipate their needs for tomorrow. The more we learn from our historical claims data, the better we can build programs, products and services to help you prevent loss, prepare for risks and prevail when the unexpected occurs. With an “A-” rating from A.M. Best, we are well positioned to provide coverage for those in need of a strong, agile partner. 


Warrantech provides innovative extended service plans (ESPs) and warranty programs for retailers, dealers, distributors, and manufacturers in numerous consumer and automotive markets. Our company is focused on customer success through product innovation and unparalleled service excellence. Each of our products is developed with the customer in mind, to increase profitability, enhance market differentiation, and build long-term relationships. 

Warrantech is a subsidiary of The Amynta Group, an industry-leading team of warranty and specialty risk companies. The Amynta Group has an unwavering commitment to customer excellence and is highly invested in state-of-the-art operations as part of our dedication to streamline the customer experience and increase brand loyalty. Amynta plans to invest in growing and maintaining its market leading position with a focus on ensuring a high performing work culture, product innovation and market expansion. 


Nation Safe Drivers is one of the largest suppliers of auto-related, supplemental products since 1962. Our expertise is to develop and market specialty "niche" products, while also providing additional sources of revenue for your business. This partnership will allow you to provide your customer with benefits and services that they are currently not receiving. Our benefits will also help to increase your overall sales, which will ultimately increase your bottom line. Our years of experience in the automotive industry gives us the foresight and flexibility of tailoring supplemental products to compliment your current benefits and services. Nation Safe Drivers services over fifteen million customers annually. Our steady growth is due to higher commissions, superior products, service, fast claims response and total support when you need it.


Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an ongoing American success story. Our guiding principles, and humble beginning, revolve around personal honesty and integrity. We believe in strengthening our communities one neighborhood at a time, serving our customers as if they were our family, and rewarding hard work. These things are as true today as they were when we were founded in 1957. Today, our massive network means Enterprise is the largest transportation solutions provider. We offer car and truck rentals, as well as car sharing and car sales. We’re in over 85 countries with more than 7,600 locations. What does this mean to our customers? We're there when you need us. We take an active role in sustainability, not only because it’s smart for our business, but because we believe in making the world a better place for future generations. Because of our size, we are in a unique position to foster innovation, advance research and test market-driven solutions.

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