Exposure to biological and chemical contaminants can pose serious health consequences. A failure to properly remove such substances can contribute to unhealthy and dangerous environments. Strickly Bizzness Professionals are trained to safely clean and remove biohazardous substances and dispose of them properly in accordance with OSHA and health regulations

The decontamination of a home or business due to trauma, sewage backups, chemical spills, hoarding, or other biohazards can be both dangerous and emotional. Specialized training and experience is key when choosing a cleanup company to resolve these circumstances.

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Trauma/ Crime Scene
Biohazard/Infectious Waste
Suicide/Unattended Death
 Odor Removal
Vehicle Blood Cleanup
Trauma/ Crime Scene
Strickly Bizzness, LLC Biohazard Division is a company devoted to cleaning up homicide, murder, suicide, trauma, death and accident scenes across the nation, in all 50 U.S. states, including New York & New Jersey. Our certified biohazard cleanup technicians are dedicated to helping people and communities recover from loss. We have been serving homeowners, business owners and the American public for over 5 years and offer discretion as well as compassion with each and every decontamination job we complete. Let us focus on the safety of the environment where a crime or accident took place, so you can focus on what matters most to you in this difficult time.

Professional Crime Scene Clean Up.

Another important process that one encounters after a loss may be just as painful as the grieving process, the cleaning process. Unfortunately after the sirens fade into the distance, the police, EMT, forensics team, investigator and crowd leave there is a painful mess left to the family, friends, owners and victims of this tragedy to clean. Strickly Bizzness, LLC Biohazard Division is a company that can ease the burdens that a crime or accident has left to you. Our crime scene cleaners have seen many realities of violence because many of them are or have been EMTs, firefighters, military personal, police officers and now offer their services to help families and communities in need. We offer our services to help you the only way we know how, by cleaning, sanitizing and restoring the environment in residential and commercial properties

Remediation, Restoration, Sanitization & Decontamination

There is a critical need for proper sanitation of scenes that have spilled blood, tissue or body fluid…all of the above can pose serious health threats when in direct contact with a surface that was exposed but not completely sanitized. Health hazards include but are not limited to blood borne pathogens, harmful bacteria, viruses and diseases. Our team of biohazard cleanup members have completed multiple training courses, have successfully restored many environments and are equipped with the best safety gear to ensure they don’t have to worry about their risks and focus on eliminating yours.

It’s hard to even imagine cleaning up what remains of a loved one after they were taken from you. But unfortunately that thought has to cross the mind of people dealing with tragedy. Some time or another they have to make the choice: clean up the trauma themselves or hire someone else to do so. No one steps in voluntarily, except for professionals like us. We don’t want to see prolonged suffering. It hurts to see people hurting or straining themselves to get through this difficult time but you don’t have to do it alone.

Insurance Covered Crime Scene Clean up

The risks of a crime scene linger long after the accused is caught, or the investigation ends because the struggle, blood and other haunting elements are still present. If you are not going to select someone else to clean up what has happened because you don’t think you can afford it, think again! Many homeowner and other insurance policies cover our biohazard cleanup services after a crime or trauma. We are more than willing to check with your individual policy before we even consider sending our crime scene cleaners out to the environment. If money is tight but not the deciding factor in your choice to hire us to restore your home, business or other property we also can help you seek funding through specific State Crime Victim Reimbursement Programs, accept credit cards and can arrange payment plans that are realistic for you.

Don’t face the trauma alone, let the experts restore your property, so that no further harm comes from what has happened. We are here for you 24/7/365, always handle your case with confidentiality and can come to your aid quickly. Contact Strickly Bizzness, LLC Biohazard Division for crime, trauma or suicide cleanup help today at 1-410-417-8830.

Many of us have probably heard the term crime scene cleanup but very few have concrete knowledge about these professionals and what they do. Crime and investigation television shows may have been helpful to some extent but still, many are confused as to determining what their job description exactly covers. No worries, you are not alone.

What is Crime Scene Clean up?

Technically, crime scene cleanup is the process of cleaning and decontaminating areas stained by body fluids, blood and other potentially infectious materials which biohazard sanitization is needed. Incidents that require crime scene and trauma scene cleanup are the following:

  • Suicides
  • Accidents or acts of intentional harm and/or intentional self-harm
  • Decomposition or unattended death
  • Homicides & Murder
  • Animal biohazards (e.g. feces or blood)
  • Mass trauma
  • Infectious disease contamination
  • Industrial accidents
  • Biotech crime scene clean up
  • Regulated waste transport, treatment, and disposal

Who Cleans up Crime Scenes?

You will be surprised but there are thousands of companies that provide crime scene cleaning not just in the United States but also around the world. Crime scene cleaning services primarily began as a regional or local small business activity. But as the industry matured, it has created some larger entities. Though only a few nationwide companies exist that mainly clean up crime scenes, several restoration companies have already added crime scene cleanup and biohazard removal in their services. Either way, because of the ethical and legal complications that entail aftermath crime scene clean up, biohazard crime scene clean up is often separated into its own business entity or division.

Employees who clean up crime scenes are trained in empathy and compassion when working with victims as well as family members. Crime scene cleaners will have to have three (3) qualities: got to have a strong stomach, be able to rationally detach from himself from work, and be naturally sympathetic. Crime scene cleaning can rather be an emotional job.
Biohazard/Infectious Waste
Biohazard Cleanup A biohazard is defined as a condition or substance that poses a risk to not only human and environmental health but also the health of any living organisms. Biohazards are dangerous on a molecular level, which is why anything that is considered a biological hazard (biohazard) must be handled, transported and disposed of in an appropriate manner. What or who determines the appropriate Biohazard Cleanup process? A government safety administration, of course…made up of HAZWOPER, OSHA, FEMA and other various state and federal agencies

There are training courses provided by these and many other organizations that can help equip and educate biohazard cleaning technicians about the risks, procedures and effectively control and contain dangerous substances, situations and conditions. Strickly Bizzness, LLC Biohazard Division provides the entire US, including New York and New Jersey, with biohazard cleanup services. Our team has completed multiple certifications, continues to re-certify and expand the knowledge and procedures we set in place, to help benefit not only our team and clients but to also benefit the entire nation.

Bio hazard Cleanup Services

Coming in direct contact with any kind of biological contaminant or chemical waste can be potentially dangerous. Even smelling the fumes put off by a biohazard is also dangerous, depending on the severity of its toxicity. Failure to properly deal with hazardous waste cleanup will ultimately bring risks to everyone and everything around it. Biohazards can threaten plants, soil, seep into drinking water, and have been known to cause major plumbing issues. If a product you are about to throw away or dump out is labeled with the following: warning, poisonous, toxic, flammable, caution, corrosive, explosive or reactive – DO NOT throw it in a regular trash and DO NOT dump it down any drains. Instead, there are professionals who are experts in cleaning, removing and disposing of biohazard wastes and can help you. If a biohazard cleanup is needed for any reason, call us any time, in any state and we can help you.

Hazardous Waste Cleaning, Removal & Disposal

If you are fond of watching crime, forensic, and police investigative television series, you may be familiar with seeing a room full of blood splattered or smeared on the wall and almost everywhere else. How about blockbuster movies that focus on laboratories that eventually explode and the chemicals contained in the flasks contaminate anything it touches and people become either heroes or super villains because of it? These things happen in real life… with the exception of people transforming into super beings of course, and there is a group of people who clean up crime scenes, bio hazardous materials in laboratories, and trauma sites. Many common businesses produce biohazards and are in need of specialized removal services.

Businesses that Require Regular Biohazard Cleanup Services:

  • Hospitals
  • Urgent Cares
  • Ambulance Vehicles
  • Dental Offices

  • Science Laboratories
  • Drug Laboratories
  • Chemical Experiment Facilities
  • Any facility that has been exposed to blood, body fluid or tissue.

Professional Biohazard Cleaners

We are trained to handle biohazard waste. We use the appropriate, professional grade compounds, depending on the specific situation to ensure removal and thorough neutralization of these harmful biohazards. Biohazard removal and cleanup services are of significant value but many times our field is given little credit, due to the unglamorous work lifestyle we lead. Fortunately we are humble people, trying to make a difference to those who need it most by contributing our efforts to protect everyone whenever there are dangerous chemical spills or other hazardous conditions.

Contact our certified biohazard cleanup professionals for biohazard sanitation services 24/7/365 at 1-410-417-8830
Suicide/Unattended Death
Whether death occurred due to natural causes, homicide, suicide, unattended death, decomposition or an accident it can be hard to come to terms with. Strickly Bizzness, LLC Biohazard Division provides suicide cleanup, servicing all 50 states, including New York and New Jersey, that offers help nation-wide when individuals, families, companies or communities have experienced death and trauma that has left a location filled with the evidence of what exactly went down. Our services include the cleaning, sanitization and removal of any hazardous remains of the event, after the authorities are finished.

The process after a loved one dies is lengthy and emotional. The list ranges from signing countless documents to planning a viewing, notifying friends, families and businesses, canceling accounts and sometimes it’s suggested to consult a lawyer to help you deal with wills, trusts, asset divisions, etc… All of these necessary actions add more stress, to an already painful struggle. Though we can’t reverse, pause or fast-forward in times like these, Strickly Bizzness, LLC Biohazard Division offers immediate, thorough and courteous death cleanup. If there is blood, bodily fluid, odor, smells or any other hazards where the dead body remained, it is imperative that it be cleaned by a professional suicide clean up company. Not only can hiring someone else to clean up the death of your loved one ensures the location returns to safety, but it can also save you a lot of mental anguish.

Death & Suicide Cleanup

Suicide clean up is a specialized service that’s provided by a reliable team who has the certifications, cleaning supplies, safety equipment, disinfection and the protocol to perform restoration of a bio hazardous crime scene or trauma scene. These people are commissioned to take care of the mess and odor of a decomposition right after the police are done with their job in the investigation. Many times our professional cleanup services are covered by insurance. There’s a growing awareness to how crucial adequate cleaning is after blood or bodily fluids have been spilt and that awareness can help ensure safety and affordability for your circumstance

Professional Trauma Clean Up Services

After a suicide incident, an array of activities is to be done to identify the cause of death before declaring that no crime has been committed in the room. Once they are done, the family is left with the trouble of dealing with the death of their family member and it doesn’t help that they will also take care of the death & suicide clean up. Our focus is to somehow lessen the reminders of the untimely death.

Cleaning up Death is an Emotional Process

All of our death & suicide clean up, whether it be due to a homicide, suicide, or natural causes can be considered as an emotional activity because of the questions left to the family. While the suicide cleanup services does not cover the psychological needs for the surviving members of the family, they contribute a lot by removing all the traces of death, including blood stains and the smell, ensuring that the messy picture of the death scene will be removed and what will be left in the room are good memories of the dead.

Contact Strickly Bizzness, LLC Biohazard Division for suicide cleanup services you can trust, from a name that’s been around for well over a decade at 1-410-417-8830, morning or night, holidays and weekends, we are here 24/7/365.

Hoarding disorder is characterized by amassing huge amounts of personal effects, belongings, and even animals inside the living space. People afflicted by this disorder are oftentimes overwhelmed by the thought of sorting through all of their possessions in order to restore their lives and the lives of anyone else living with them. If you are aware that a hoarding disorder is affecting a residential, or even a commercial property you’re responsible for – contact our specialized hoarding cleanup team.

We are dedicated to helping people in need of our hoarding cleaning services throughout the nation, including New York and New Jersey. We are experienced and efficient, and we consider short term and easily tangible long term progress. We want to make sure you and your loved ones are safe. We are not just a cleaning company, we have specific training and resources designed to help those affected by a hoarding disorder.

Hoarding Clean Up

Our first priority for individuals in need of hoarding and clutter cleaning is safety. We have seen many other properties that have experienced the same, if not worse conditions and we have fully restored them and can restore yours too. We take our time to help the hoarding and clutter cleanup, sanitation and organization process be something that uplifts you and your family, instead of discourages you. We want you to take comfort in our services, so that you and your family can be happy and proud of the place you live and not second guess the health or safety of your home.

Hoarding Risks

When we say ‘cost’ we are not referring to the financial cost, we are referring to the dangers and risks associated with hoarding and living in the environment that has accumulated a large amount of possessions. Below are just a few of the very real dangers, which put your family, neighbors, friends, yourself and others at risk

Little to No Escape or Entrance Accessibility – 

If a fire or other emergency were to happen in your home, could you escape? Most cities require every room to have more than one access or escape route. Is yours covered by piles of belongings? If so, it means you have less chance of getting out of your home if a disaster were to strike and rescue crews have less chance of getting in. Firefighters now have special training courses due to the increased risk it puts them and you in and because fighting a fire that has developed in a hoarding environment requires a completely different process. Fire fighters are also asking that if homes are a hoarding environment, please notify them before a fire so that they know what the situation has in store before they get there – in a time of emergency. This is another attempt to help lessen the dangers of hoarding.

Fire – 

The more your home accumulates items the higher your chances are for a fire. And if a small fire were to start, the possessions you store will act as fuel to the fire, rapidly increasing its strength and the area consumed by it. There are many deaths that have been a result from a fire starting in a home with little to no escape route due to piles of collections.

Emergencies – 

Chest pains, heart attacks, breathing problems and large cuts are some of the most common reasons to call an ambulance. Any of these or other alarming health emergencies can take a change for the worst in a matter of seconds, that is why the faster the EMT can get to you, the better. Hoarding further complicates dangerous situations and what normally can take a couple seconds may take much longer if they need to work their way through clutter or have a difficult time finding you… and in emergency situations every second counts.

Indoor Air Pollution – 

There are even risks that can’t be seen in hoarding environments, the invisible dangers of hoarding include an increased level of air impurities such as Mold, Mildew, Carbon Monoxide, Radon, Pollen, Dander and Cigarette Smoke all which can develop into health complications. Many of these issues are indistinguishable both by sight and smell, nevertheless they are still dangerous.

Discreet Cleanup Services for Hoarders

Contrary to what most people would automatically think or fear, our hoarding clean up services do not include throwing out all your belongings. In a typical hoarding support process, the individual is given time to think about the important items that matter most and should be given consideration not to be thrown out. The truth is that all those piles will reveal some things that are valuable and some that are not. Our compassionate hoarding cleanup specialists will makes sure that everything is put back in order while retaining the items that have been identified as important items.

It is crucial to have the right person to assist during the process of hoarding and clutter cleanup. Our hoarding cleanup specialists concentrate on maintaining a non-judgmental environment that is extremely supportive and flexible. We can relieve any anxiety that may develop when considering this process and while in the process of completing the clutter and hoarding cleanup, organization, sorting and sanitation..

Hoarding Environment Clean Up

Whether there is an excessive collection of news articles, paper documentation, food or animals we have specialists that can help you start fresh, without losing the important items that are sentimentally and financially valuable to you. We can help you find the balance and be happy in your home and excited to have company over, instead of discouraged.

Contact us directly for Clutter & Hoarding Cleaning Services completed by our specialized and compassionate team at 1-410-417-8830, we offer our services nationwide and can be reached any time of the day or night.
 Odor Removal

Decomposing odor can occur as a result of an unattended death, crime scene, trauma or it can be less malicious and involve pets, food or drinks. Either way, if you are smelling a highly potent scent, chances are it can also lead to health effects; our body’s senses are designed to protect us from harm and that odor you are smelling can do more than just turn stomachs. Bio Recovery has a full team of Certified Cleanup Specialists that offer Body Decomposition Odor Removal Services in all 50 states.

Toxic Odor Elimination

When odors become overwhelming they commonly become toxic, at the same time. Whether it’s an animal decomposing, bodily fluids or rotting food – dangerous pathogens can be airborne and inhaled. If you have a lingering smell on your property, residential or industrial, that you just can’t get rid of or if you’ve pinpointed the exact source of the smell, our decontamination specialists can located the origin, decontaminate it and eliminate any risks associated with it. Bio Recovery’s Decomposition Odor Removal Services are here for you

Permanent & Professional Odor Cleanup Services

There is a line that cannot be crossed when it comes to successfully decontaminating an area. It is critical that items that can’t be restored be removed and properly disposed of. If anything stays in the area that isn’t able to be thoroughly sanitized, leaving them can compromises the integrity of the entire area and poses health threats to anyone who comes in contact with the objects. Common items that may need to be discarded for safety might be couches, carpet, carpet padding, sub-flooring, and drywall. Each case is different and our cleanup team will determine what is appropriate for your specific circumstance and doing so will guarantee that safety has been restored.

Permanent Odor Removal

Whether your property has biohazards due to trauma, murder, homicide, suicide, unattended death, mold, spills or decomposition, our Decomposition Odor Removal Services can eliminate any unpleasant smells and any harmful toxins that have developed in your home or business. Bio Recovery has experience in sanitizing residential, commercial, industrial, public, vehicles and even outdoor locations. One call to Bio Recovery will be the easiest and fastest path to completely restoring your property.

Certified Body Decomposition Odor Removal

There are many health risks, which hopefully you or your loved ones have not yet experienced, when dealing with dangerous substances. Our certified Body Decomposition Odor Removal team will completely decontaminate the area by eradicating each and every possible health risk associated with the odor. Don’t ignore one of your primal bodily senses, they are designed to protect you and we are trained, equipped and experienced in successfully removing odors of all kinds.

Decomposition odors can be caused by many different things from the common spill of a beverage that penetrated too deep for traditional cleaning methods or from bodily fluids such as blood left over from unfortunate events such as trauma or crime scenes. These odors are not only unpleasant but may provide evidence of health hazards such as bacteria or harmful gases such as H²S more commonly called “sewer gas.” This gas, commonly derived from the decomposition of organic materials and bodily fluids can be toxic at certain levels. Decomposition odors may also indicate the presence of dangerous airborne pathogens.

Airborne particles are a major cause of respiratory ailments causing allergies, asthma, and pathogenic infections of the respiratory tract. Here at Bio Recovery, our cleaners do more than just cover up the odor. Our highly trained and certified technicians employ EPA approved, chemical free technologies, techniques and procedure to eliminate all traces of harmful substances that can pose a health hazard. Bio Recovery’s cleaners will completely clean and disinfect a death, trauma or crime scene and take additional measures whenever odors are present. We can also eliminate and remove odors in your cars, trucks, vans, campers, motor homes and even your boat.

Though decomposition odor removal is frequently a necessary element of cleanup in trauma, death, and tragedy scenes, but the necessity for odor removal is not limited to these extreme situations. Bio Recovery’s cleaners can help you with disinfecting odor caused by pet, smoke, mold & mildew. With over 15 years of nation wide decomposition odor removal and bio hazard clean up we’re able to take on anything!

Contact Strickly Bizzness, LLC Biohazard Division for Strong or Decomposing Odor Removal now at 410-417-8830.
Vehicle Blood Cleanup

Vehicle Blood Cleanup Professional vehicle cleanup services are needed for a variety of situations, vehicle crashes, accidents, suicides, homicides, break-ins and any other traumas that can leave blood spill on or in a vehicle. Blood, bodily fluid and other bio hazardous conditions in a vehicle need to be cleaned up at a microscopic level to ensure driving it or entering it after the situation is safe for any and every one. Our professional vehicle blood cleanup services are nationwide, including New York and New Jersey, and are offered in effort to help sanitize personal, first responder, law enforcement, public transit, commercial, airline, and any other type of vehicle in need.

Vehicle Blood Sanitation

Cleaning a vehicle can be a tricky process, there are so many small crevasses, buttons, panels, and many other obstacle in such a confined space and even an inch left contaminated can lead to adverse health effects. Our services go deeper than any detail shop because we are trained, certified and experienced in completely sterilizing vehicles. Our process is strict and specifically designed to eliminate the threats of any biohazards. We kill all possible bacteria, viruses and chances of infection that occur due to blood or bodily fluid spills, not just the presence of dust.

Vehicle Blood Cleanup after Accident

No one in their right mind plans an accident, crash or any other traumatic event on the road. But with the average American spending over an hour in their car a day, it’s bound to happen. We are all just weathering the traffic trying to get to work and back or traveling on the roads for our work. When an event happens that leaves you in need of vehicle blood cleanup contact our trained and detailed cleanup specialists.

Insurance Accepted Vehicle Blood Cleanup

Many automobile insurance policies will cover professional blood cleanup service because it is the right choice for everyone after a crash or traumatic vehicle experience. Get behind the wheel with confidence after our certified biohazard cleaners have completed decontaminating your vehicle. We have protocol in place that includes multiple sanitation applications, timed specific intervals and we cover every inch, every vent, and surface, both inside and out.

Blood spill and trauma is unsightly but what causes serious risks after a traumatic event is not visible. Cleaning up blood is much more difficult than the task of cleaning up a common mess left by a busy family in the car. Blood has a long list of dangers, such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C. The most concerning fact is that many people that have Hepatitis are unaware of it. And exposing yourself to a friend or even family members blood could have life-changing health affects for you. Don’t take a chance at that kind of risk when there is an insurance accepted and affordable way to eliminate all the dangers that may now be present in your vehicle.

For immediate assistance in cleaning your vehicle after trauma or any kind of blood spill contact our professional vehicle blood cleanup team, day time, evening, late at night, weekends and even holidays; we are trained and here to help you. Call us at 1-410-417-8830.