Strickly Bizzness, LLC Biohazard Division

    Strickly Bizzness, LLC Biohazard Division provides cover-to-cover services not just forensic cleaning but also other cleanup services such as hoarder cleanup, death and suicide cleanup, blood and biohazard cleanup, meth lab cleanup, among others. Although we primary specialize in crime scene and biohazard cleanup, we have local teams specializing in other cleanup services so that we can cover the needs of both private and commercial entities. Our friendly operators will connect you to the right respondent to cater to your needs.



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Trauma/Crime Scene Clean Up

Many have probably heard the term crime scene cleanup but very few have the concrete knowledge about these professionals and what they do


Hoarding Remediation

Hoarding disorder is characterized by collecting huge amounts of personal effects, belongings, and, usually, useless garbage inside the living space 

Biohazard & Infectious Waste

After a crime scene has been seen and thoroughly investigated by the police and forensic team, the only job left to do is much-needed blood cleanup, and air pathogens removal

Drug Lab Remediation

Methamphetamine is an illegal drug that always finds its way to those who are addicted to it. Because of the problem in the rampant distribution of this drug,

Suicide & Unattended Death

The sight and smell of death is something that anyone will never forget. Aside from the trauma of seeing that kind of mess, the odor is simply too foul that it will.



Most clean up services are tasked to restore any kind of mess. Professional cleaners are available may it be a crime scene,


Water & Sewage Remediation

Flood and sewage backup water has one thing in common, and they are both dirty. Water, sewage, and flood remediation the only to assure proper cleaning

Vehicle Blood Clean Up

Car wrecks are incidents that cannot be avoided especially because there are many factors that can affect your fate when you are driving a car